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If you are looking for a local Singapore social escort, you are at the right place.

When it comes to Singapore social escort, local Singapore escort girls are definitely the most attractive.

With brains, beauty and elegance, SG escorts have the whole package. While a foreign, uneducated girl may look great as well, the problem is that they are usually bimbos without any kind of intelligence between their heads. On the other hand, Singaporean models are not only stunning looking, but have the right service attitude and conversational strengths to back it up.

If you are sick and tired of paying for female escorts who look like they belong to crass KTV clubs, and want a high class female Singapore escort, then PhunkN is the place to be. You reading this very website at this very moment probably already indicates that you are different from other men, and only want the companionship of the top Singapore social escort (s) in Singapore. You do not want the low class KTV girls - who are also often in Singapore on fake work passes waiting to get busted only!

Thankfully with our specialized focus on local girls, we are able to meet the demands of our wealthy and highly successful male clientele base.

With some of the most beautiful local SG girls working with us, clients are able to engage the most beautiful female models to an event, to private dates etc. There is no need for embarrassment in public in case the girl dresses too revealing or awkwardness if the girl cannot speak proper and fluent English in front of you. Our social escorts are perfect for you.

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Just landed in Singapore and looking for a female SG escort?

Singapore is a modern city, with lots of business and investing conferences, seminars and offices. As a result, many wealthy and successful corporate businessmen frequent Singapore. If you are one of them and looking for the top social escorts as your companion while you are in Singapore, then contact us today.

Whether you are looking for a romantic female companion to accompany you while you are feeling lonely or because you are travelling to Singapore alone, or you are looking for a beautiful arm candy to spruce up your status at business / social events, PhunkN has the perfect escort service model for you.

With Singapore social escorts ranging from ages 18 to 30, we offer a wide range of type of models to suit every client's tastes.

We understand that you may have some questions about our escort agency's services, and so we seek to answer your questions in advance by putting some FAQ below:

Where are your girls from?

As listed and mentioned, all the women listed on our gallery and website are from Singapore or are Singapore permanent residents only. Their races differ and are listed separately as Singapore is a multiracial country with lots of people of different races living in one country.

What are the ages of your models?

The ages are listed on their respective profile pages. Please check out our model gallery pages to check it out!

Can you show the faces of the escorts?

Sorry, as Singapore is a highly conservative place and with an extremely small population, we do not show face images because they can get easily recognized. Some of our models may be influencers, models, actresses, students, office ladies and due to Singapore's small local population, we have to do this to protect their privacy. We seek your true and kindest understanding. Pictures are the best it can get.

Can I meet two girls or three girls at once?

Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons as mentioned above, no. Only one escort at a time!

I understand most social escort agencies in Singapore require some form of verification before allowed to book. What information do you need from me?

Contact or call us and we will advise you accordingly.

How do I recognize the girl upon meeting?

We will send you more details about the chosen social escort girl when you have confirmed your booking. Do not worry, you will definitely be able to recognize the respective girl you have booked. We will advise you further on that.

Can I bring the girl onto my private yacht?

Due to security reasons, all meetings can only be within the Republic of Singapore and on mainland Singapore or Sentosa island. Pulau Ubin and whatnot are prohibited due to security and safety reasons for our girls.

Can I pick what I want the escort to wear?

Yes you can, provided the escort has it.

Can the model become my real girlfriend?

Unfortunately, this is not a matchmaking service. The girls join us to provide a service, and clients contact us for a no strings attached companionship. If you are searching for a long term relationship, you will be better off looking for a match making agency in Singapore!

Can I have sex with the model?

Having consensual sex with a person of legal age and of the opposite gender is not illegal in Singapore. You can choose to engage in that if for example you meet someone off Tinder or a dating application. However, pimping is illegal, and we strictly do not sell sexual services, just like how Tinder does not sell you hookers. If you want to meet hookers, you may head over to red light districts of Singapore and do your own due diligence. Our escort services does not include sexual services. Period.

How old do I need to be to engage one of your escorts?

Singapore's laws stipulate that all users or clients or service providers of any kind of dating services or agencies are to be at least aged 18 and above. You need to be 18 and above to use our services. Likewise, all our escorts are 18 and above.

How much notice do you require in advance for a booking to take place successfully?

If you are less picky, then just 4 to 6 hours in advance is more than enough. For advance bookings, additional verification or prepayment may be required.

Can I make the model smoke or drink?

While drinking is not illegal, smoking can be depending on the year you read this article as some escorts may be between age 18 to 21. Anything that is not illegal in Singapore, and if the social escort you have picked agrees to it, is acceptable. However, if she refuses, even if it's a legal request, please respect her decision. She is a human being as well.

Do you have BBW or other acronyms of type of women e.t.c.?

We do not understand every single acronym. Please just refer to our gallery photos and profile details of the social escorts to see if they suit your preferences.

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