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3 Ways Becoming An Escort May Very Well Alter Your Life

Can it alter your life trajectory?

If you were to work in our industry, will it change your life in any way? If you have been wondering the answer to that question, you are at the right place.

You may get relationship anxiety

First and foremost, it may give you relationship anxieties. Why is that the case? This is because some clients may be attached or perhaps even married. Sometimes they tell you their relationship status on their own accord, sometimes they do not. However, if you meet enough clients who are attached but looking for companions like yourself, then you may feel insecure in future in any relationship as you may become afraid that your husband may be looking for escorts (or random girls) because of this experience. However, some girls do not care as long as their husband takes responsibility and takes care of the family financially and physically.

You may need to give random excuses to go for meetings

Second of all, if you do not want your family and friends to know of you holding an escort job, then you may need to constantly give excuses when you suddenly leave for appointments in the middle of the day or evening or night. Thankfully, SG is an eventful city, with lots of activities, events and nightlife as well. This means that you will never garner any curiosity if you simply tell them that you are going out with your friends.

Dealing with new found wealth?

Third of all, if you have high availability, and are attractive, chances are, you will get a lot of clients. When you get a lot of clients, you make a lot of money. One of the sudden things you will need to quickly learn is to deal with this new found wealth. Granted, the amount you make will vary from week to week and month to month. It is tempting to purchase luxury goods and go for a little fine dining once in a while. As long as it is a reasonable percentage of your earnings, hey why not? However, do note that some of your friends may be wondering how you are able to afford that fancy handbag when you are supposedly making the same amount of day job income as them and they cannot afford it. Other than this jealousy issue that other girls may give you, it is an extremely rewarding experience being one if you like luxurious and branded products and services.

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How Much Can An Average Service Provider In Singapore Earn?

If you are wanting to work as one, then clearly, you must have considered the earning potential. That is definitely one of the largest attractions that pulls a Singaporean girl into becoming a female escort and there’s no need to be ashamed by wanting money.

Factors that can affect your earning potential

There are several factors that will come into play when it comes to how much you can possibly make, and it is due to the following.

Your availability

First of all, it would be your availability. Are you always available whenever there’s an assignment? Or are you always so busy with your school work that you cannot afford even to go for an hour’s appointment or two? Frankly, if you are so busy, you won’t be able to get any clients.

Your response time

Second of all, how fast are you able to react. If there is a client, will you be available within 30-60 minutes and reach? Or will you only be available 3 hours later every time? Sometimes, you may be busy, and take longer. That’s to be expected. But if you take 4 to 5 hours to reply and to reach every time, it is not going to work out, and you are not going to get many clients. This is because if a client asks for a girl around 7pm and you can only reach at 12am, chances are, the client will prefer some other girl who is available 8 to 10pm.

Can you be available during odd hours?

Third of all, are you able to go on afternoon and late night meetings? If you are, you will be able to meet more clients. Most girls are unavailable in the afternoons and late night. If you are available, you will have a one – up on them.

Are you choosy at all when it comes to meeting clients?

Next of all, are you particular about the type of clients you will like to meet? If you are, then chances are, you won’t be getting as much business as you possibly can. However, if you are not particular and ok with any client’s age and race, then chances are, you will make a lot of money.

So there you have it. The above are factors that will determine how much you can possibly make while being a female escort.

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Pros And Cons Of Working In Our Industry


Potentially earn a high salary

First of all, let us talk about the pros. The pros is that you will be able to make a lot of money if you have a flexible schedule, and are not particular about the type of clients you meet (e.g. race / age). Most typical, average Singaporean Diploma or University graduate aged younger than 35 make between $3000 to $7000 per month (before deducting for taxes and 20% CPF). This means that most of them take home less than $3000 to $5500. While this may be a lot of money if you are living in Malaysia, it certainly is not a lot at all if you are in Singapore, where house prices are sky high. This is especially so if you eventually want to drive a car and pay off your student loan debt (before you even have kids!). By being a service provider in SG, you can potentially make a few thousand dollars PER WEEK. Popular ladies can make $5000 to $10000 a month, while even less well performing ones can still make $1000 to $5000 a month. This is additional cash that you can use to finance your lifestyle and pay off any student loan debt too.

Flexible hours

Second of all, another big advantage of having a escort job instead of any other job is that you can work very flexible hours compared to any other kind of part time jobs. Almost every other part time job will require fixed hours, and this means that if you are still a student, you may not be able to commit to it. However when it comes to this job, you are able to work truly flexible hours while making a lot of money. This is one of the biggest reasons why many locals join the industry today.

Highest earning job ever on a per hour basis

The third advantage is that per hour payment is one of the highest ever. There is literally no other job in the world which pays as well as being a social escort does. Do you know any job which can pay you more than $100 per hour? Being one can nett you well over $200-$300 and more per hour!


There are two main cons, and here they are.

Not suitable for applicants who are particular about type of clients or can’t do customer related work – this job is not suited for every personality type

If you are not comfortable meeting strangers and able to entertain clients of all backgrounds (e.g. race and age), you will not do well at all. Do NOT apply for a job, you will waste your time. While you need not be a social butterfly, you must definitely be comfortable and know how to entertain male clientele aged between 30 to 50. This means that you should ideally be classy and know some business/world affairs as many of them like girls who are smarter.

You may be needed to lead a double life to maintain your privacy

You may need to lead a double life if you are conservative and don’t want anyone to know you are also working as one. However, any good agency like ours (you can see our about us page) will definitely keep your privacy under maximum 24/7 protection. Your identity will not be able to be tracked down if you listen to and work with a good agency.

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Unveiling The Absolutely Secretive Double Lives Of Escorts

Although a perfectly legal job, due to our culturally conservative (nothing to do with USA’s politics) slant, social escorts are sometimes frowned upon. Due to this, most of these workers lead a secretive life.

Therefore, for the general public to get a better understanding of their secret lives, while still maintaining the absolute privacy that they definitely want, we will not mention nor refer to any one particular model.

They work odd hours due to the nature of their clients hiring them. This is because there are tourists to Singapore who may want to meet a model in the middle of the day, however, there are business visitors who are also only available in the evenings or night. This means that the models will only be able to work during the random hours that the customers request for. This may mean taking a 1-3 hour break during their office job work day, or they may need to travel to meet their clients in the middle of the evening or night.

When it comes to locals, most of them are actually from local universities – both graduates and undergraduates. This means that they are not actually the run of the mill ah lians that many Singaporeans have grown to expect. In fact, they are highly educated, smart and classy ladies.

There are some escorts who may be more flashy with their lifestyles and change their lifestyles as a result, and may splurge their earnings on travelling, fancy handbags e.t.c. which is quite obvious when you notice that their day job does not make them that much or that they are just a student. However, the majority of models in Singapore do not actually live such extravagant lifestyles, and most of them save up their cash to be used for their tertiary education debt loans.

Due to their desire for privacy, they typically do not tell any family or friends about their job as one. Therefore, in a way, it can be said that they have a relatively ‘lonely’ job, yet a very high paying one.

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Why Do Local Females Become Escorts And Join The Industry?

Why do some locals pick up this job?

Clear university fee loan debt

First of all, many of these locals are Singapore university undergraduates and fresh graduates. This means that almost all of them are holding onto hefty university debt. A quick way to solve this debt on top of their pay is to actually work part time jobs while still in university. However, a big problem is that most part time jobs require relatively full time and fixed hours. This means that most students would not be able to work part time jobs at all while studying in local Singapore universities. Therefore, a great way for them to make extra income (and lots of it – check out expected earnings here) while studying in university is to work as a part time female escort! Working as on brings two big benefits for the girls as described above. It allows them to be able to work part time and still keep their focus on their studies mainly, while allowing them to make a lot of money on the side.

Ours is a safe country

Second of all, if girls are looking for a safer country to work as one, there is no place better than Singapore. While SG may not be the #1 in everything, it is extremely high up in the world when it comes to safety. This is a great point for girls who are considering to work locally as it is safe. Unfortunately, the same thing may not be able to be said for other countries.

There is high demand for such services

Third of all, to be successful, girls need to plant themselves where there is demand. However, as such services are expensive, these girls need to be where the money is. Singapore is well known for its local and foreign businessmen and investors. Lots of money flow around freely here. As a result of this, girls who work can tap into this demand instead of settling for tiny pieces of profits if they had worked in poorer neighbouring countries such as certain parts of rural Malaysia (though it is mainly due to the poor monetary exchange rate) or Indonesia.