Social Escorts Versus Sugar Babies – What’s The Diff?

What is the difference between a social escort and a sugar baby? Is it essentially the same?

If you are in the market for looking for sugar babies, you probably have heard of the term social escorts and vice versa. Such alternative forms of dating are getting more and more popular in Singapore.

So what exactly is the difference between social escorts and sugar babies? Or are they essentially the same thing? You will be surprised to learn there are lots of differences between both of them and you will see why in the paragraphs below.


Social escorts are engaged on an appointment basis, and there is no retainer fee for subsequent months or meetings. If you want to meet them, they will meet you at the designated meeting point. There is no need to give a monthly allowance and there is also no fixed arrangements. On the other hand, a sugar baby is like a contractual girlfriend, and you give her a certain amount of allowance per month and she will meet you for a fixed number of times per month.

Money required:

Although most social escorts cost more per appointment, you do not meet social escorts that often. Additionally, you also get to meet different ones each and every single time. However, when it comes to a sugar baby, you pay the same girl for a number of times to meet per month. On average per month, sugar babies cost more than escort models will cost you.


Both accompany you and provide companionship in return for money. The main difference is the amount of commitment as mentioned above.

Type of girl:

You would usually have the option to pick the girl, whether it be an escort from an agency or a sugar baby from a sugar dating website.

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