3 Tips To Find The Right Social Escort (& Legally) In Singapore

If you are looking for a local SG female companion and social escort, and are not sure how to find one as you are a first time client, stay calm! The following are some pointers to help you out so you will not be asking stupid questions, find a girl who doesn’t look like her photos, get into legal trouble or do something stupid like that.

1. Do not look for a social escort if you are looking for sexual services.

A lot of men think that escorts provide sexual services and that they are the same as a prostitute. That cannot be further from the truth. If you are constantly on the lookout for escorts who are no different from prostitutes, then you will sooner or later get into trouble. Do not get yourself into unnecessary troubles. Social escorts in Singapore are meant to be beautiful female companions who are basically like a girlfriend-on-demand service.While prostitution in itself is not illegal in Singapore, activities like public soliciting (yes it also includes a guy soliciting sex from a girl, not just from a girl to a guy), pimping, maintaining a brothel and trafficking people for the purpose of prostitution are all illegal. So this means that while you and a girl can enter into a sexual relationship out of the girl’s and your own free will and with consent, it cannot be facilitated by anyone else or it will be considered illegal.

Basically, hiring a social escort in Singapore legally is like simply swiping right to a girl you like on Tinder or Paktor or OkCupid, and then automatically having the girl swipe right back to you if you pay her. That is all. If anything more is arranged for, there is most likely some fishy thing going on.

Keep in mind that in the past, if an agency sells clients sexual services, and if you engage from them, and if they get caught by the Singapore Police Force – you as a customer may get questioned too. Additionally, if the girl is underaged, you are going to jail.

Engage a social escort for what it is – a romantic companion by a pretty Singaporean girl.

2. Do not be picky if you do not give advance notice. Most girls in Singapore do not work full time as an escort, and need preparation and travelling time.

If you want to meet a girl very last minute, she may not be available. Perhaps she has work that day or scheduled something already, or maybe she even has other clients! Most escorts in Singapore do not work full time, unlike that of perhaps places like Las Vegas. Therefore, if you are very particular about the type of escort you want to meet – e.g. perhaps you only want an escort who is taller than 170cm, and must have short hair, e.t.c., then you are best recommended to book way in advance. Singaporean girl

If you are more relaxed with the preferences as long as the escort you meet is pretty, then the timing is not that big of a concern as long as it is at least 1 to 2 hours in advance. In that case, you can contact us here.

3. If you want to be allured by fake photographs – use independent sites. If you want real pictures and girls – use Singapore agencies.

While this is not true all of the time, most independents on sites such as Backpage Singapore or Locanto tend to use fake photographs. They all look like a Bollywood Indian escort or a Taiwan celebrity. However, the truth is that they usually turn up 30kg heavier, dress like an auntie and look like a disaster compared to their photos. This is approximately the case for 99% of the time. Don’t blame me if you see your money burnt if you engage an independent.

One of the main reasons many Singaporeans and tourists to Singapore looking for social escorts look for agencies is because agencies vet every girl that enters their agency. Of course, you must also use your discretion and only the reputable ones will protect their reputation by using only real photographs and details. In general, agencies are reliable. Agencies like ours only use real photos.

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