What Sort Of Men Pay For Social Escorts In Singapore?

Some people think that men who pay for social escorts in Singapore are sleazy, ugly and dirt poor men who cannot get girls any other way. That is wrong. In fact, you will be surprised to know that many men who engage social escorts in Singapore are usually the very type of men that many Singaporean mothers ask their daughters to marry!

First of all, it is a big misconception that social escorts are prostitutes. There are a lot of bad eggs in the industry making it seem as though engaging one is no different from finding a prostitute. This cannot be further from the truth. As an escort, all she is required to do is to accompany you and make you believe that she really is already your girlfriend. She is basically your private romantic companion. Prostitutes provide sexual services. As you can tell, they are very different job scopes. Now, while some agencies sell or arrange for sexual services (which is punishable by law as that is considered pimping – prostitution is not illegal in Singapore but pimping is), it is actually not legal and not considered escort service. On the other hand, there may also be some escorts who personally and privately may decide to engage in sexual activity with the clients out of her own accord (this is legal provided no one else arranges nor sells it nor facilitates it in any way whatsoever – e.g. if two people meet and have relations on Tinder / Paktor e.t.c.). Escorts are always legal, while some activities with respect to prostitution is not in Singapore – including from your point of view as a customer. Here is more information on the legal end– please read for your own sake – but in short, do not look for escorts if you want sex. As you can tell, social escorts are definitely higher class than prostitutes, because true escorts are mostly local Singaporeans, whereas prostitutes are almost always foreigners from poor neighborhoods in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam or even China.

Since social escorts do not come cheap, and local SG Singaporean girls are not willing to work for cheap, therefore, your run of the mill old, sleazy, poor neighborhood uncles simply cannot afford a social escort. It is actually your highly paid business executives, surgeons or high income business owners who frequent escort girls in Singapore. These are basically the ‘type of men’ that Singaporean mothers love to ask their daughters to marry – men with 5 Cs or more.

So why do these successful, accomplished and wealthy men look for Singaporean escorts? Well, a common reason is that many of these hardworking and successful men who too busy working in their 20s and early to mid 30s that they barely have any dating experience nor met many girls at all. They may also be socially awkward. Therefore, they want to meet an escort as a companion if they are still not yet ready to get married. After all, meeting escorts instead of dating a girl with the eventual intention of breaking her heart is a much better ethical option.

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