What’s The Difference Between A Social Escort And A Prostitute?

A lot of people have the misconception that a social escort sells sexual services, and is just another name for a prostitute. These are also the same people who get sorely disappointed if they engage a social escort, and will also sooner or later get into legal trouble.

Social escorts are literally just a romantic companion. You engage a social escort because you want a girlfriend with no strings attached, no future hassles e.t.c. They will not bug you in future, and they will also not attempt to do weird things like perhaps another girl or mistress will do.

As you can see from the video below by The Straits Times’ RazorTV department, a social escort is like a modern day geisha/companion. Companionship is their service, not sexual services. So before you find one, do not be mistaken, or you will be sorely disappointed.

Basically, when you engage a social escort, it is like swiping right on Tinder, and GUARANTEEING that the girl will also swipe right to you AND immediately behave like she is ALREADY your girlfriend. That is one of the best ways to visualize what an escort model in Singapore really is.

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