Affectionate Terms That Singaporeans Use For Local Girls

There are some terms that Singaporeans use to describe different types of girls in Singapore, and this includes social escorts. Here are some of the most common ones which you may have seen on our website or in news, and forums, and a description of what they actually mean in case you do not know what they mean.

First of all, you may have heard of OL. OL represents office lady, and refers to any working class female adult. Often, OL refers to very well dressed, put together classy and elegant ladies who hold a day office job. They are commonly found in Raffles Place and are very good looking ladies with a slim and curvy body with a stunning elegance as they walk around town. OL is a very popular choice among social escorts when it comes to clients’ preferences in Singapore.

Second of all, you may have heard of XMM but do not know what it means if you are not Singaporean. What XMM means is Xiao Mei Mei, and essentially translates to ‘young girl’ in Chinese. This refers to any young girls, though in the female escort industry, it usually refers to any girl between ages 18 to 25. More than that, the escort will usually be referred to as a OL or something else.

Third of all, you may have heard of the word ah lian. Every Singaporean guy will know what ah lian refers to, but in case you are reading this and you are not born in Singapore, what it means is a girl who dresses somewhat slutty and acts a little arrogant but is still extremely hot in terms of looks. In the normal context, an ah lian is usually crude and rude, however if used (not common) in the social escort world in Singapore, what it means is a girl who may have slightly ‘slutty’ looks and dress sense.

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