Here’s How Becoming A Social Escort May Change Your Life – 3 Ways

Can it alter your life trajectory?

If you were to pick up a social escort job in Singapore, will it change your life in any way? If you have been wondering the answer to that question, you are at the right place. Let us go through some of the common ways that becoming a female escort in Singapore may affect you in future.

You may get relationship anxiety

First and foremost, being an escort and having a social escort job in Singapore may give you relationship anxieties. Why is that the case? This is because some clients may be attached or perhaps even married. Sometimes they tell you their relationship status on their own accord, sometimes they do not. However, if you meet enough clients who are attached but looking for beautiful social escorts, then you may feel insecure in future in any relationship as you may become afraid that your husband may be looking for escorts (or random girls) because of this experience. However, some girls do not care as long as their husband takes responsibility and takes care of the family financially and physically.

You may need to give random excuses to go for meetings

Second of all, if you do not want your family and friends to know of you holding an escort job, then you may need to constantly give excuses when you suddenly leave for appointments in the middle of the day or evening or night. Thankfully, Singapore is an eventful city, with lots of activities, events and nightlife as well. This means that you will never garner any curiosity if you simply tell them that you are going out with your friends.

Dealing with new found wealth?

Third of all, if you have high availability, and are attractive, chances are, you will get a lot of clients. When you get a lot of clients, you make a lot of money. One of the sudden things you will need to quickly learn is to deal with this new found wealth. Granted, the amount you make as a social escort will vary from week to week and month to month. It is tempting to purchase luxury goods and go for a little fine dining once in a while. As long as it is a reasonable percentage of your earnings, hey why not? However, do note that some of your friends may be wondering how you are able to afford that fancy handbag when you are supposedly making the same amount of day job income as them and they cannot afford it. Other than this jealousy issue that other girls may give you, it is an extremely rewarding experience being an escort if you like luxurious and branded products and services.

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