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Why Do Local Females Become Escorts And Join The Industry?

Why do some locals pick up this job?

Clear university fee loan debt

First of all, many of these locals are Singapore university undergraduates and fresh graduates. This means that almost all of them are holding onto hefty university debt. A quick way to solve this debt on top of their pay is to actually work part time jobs while still in university. However, a big problem is that most part time jobs require relatively full time and fixed hours. This means that most students would not be able to work part time jobs at all while studying in local Singapore universities. Therefore, a great way for them to make extra income (and lots of it – check out expected earnings here) while studying in university is to work as a part time female escort! Working as on brings two big benefits for the girls as described above. It allows them to be able to work part time and still keep their focus on their studies mainly, while allowing them to make a lot of money on the side.

Ours is a safe country

Second of all, if girls are looking for a safer country to work as one, there is no place better than Singapore. While SG may not be the #1 in everything, it is extremely high up in the world when it comes to safety. This is a great point for girls who are considering to work locally as it is safe. Unfortunately, the same thing may not be able to be said for other countries.

There is high demand for such services

Third of all, to be successful, girls need to plant themselves where there is demand. However, as such services are expensive, these girls need to be where the money is. Singapore is well known for its local and foreign businessmen and investors. Lots of money flow around freely here. As a result of this, girls who work can tap into this demand instead of settling for tiny pieces of profits if they had worked in poorer neighbouring countries such as certain parts of rural Malaysia (though it is mainly due to the poor monetary exchange rate) or Indonesia.

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